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Founded by philanthropic and visionary entrepreneurs, HK Recycles does what Hong Kong does not excel in: recycling waste materials. With the help and mentorship of SOW Asia Foundation, HK Recycles has recycled a total of 99,710kg of household and office waste in a matter of two years, with the number of user registration growing by the day. But HK Recycles’ effort towards a sustainable future for Hong Kong doesn’t end there: it also helps people with special needs through the means of employment with competitive salary. Find out more about the success story of HK Recycles from our interview with their General Manager Alfred Wong.

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He has penned Hong Kong Pathfinder: 24 day-walks in Hong Kong, co-authored Central Ridge and West on Hong Kong’s country parks, co-produced the 28-minute film Explore Wild Hong Kong sponsored by Cathay Pacific, and directed the 10-minute film Mai Po Marshes – Hong Kong’s Wetland Superstar for WWF-Hong Kong. With a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, Martin Williams came to Hong Kong in 1987 when he saw the city’s potential for the development of eco tourism, and has been dedicated to the promotion of nature tourism since, despite the government’s ‘silly red tape’.

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From collecting old furniture and used wood from companies and households, harnessing veteran carpenters’ invaluable expertise, to equipping youths with woodworking skills through apprenticeship and employment, Woodrite is a social enterprise dedicated to the upcycling of old furniture and used wood since 2013, driven by the belief that every piece of furniture deserves a longer lifecycle.

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She returned to Hong Kong at a time when illustration as an art form was not heard of, and when she decided to start her own upcycle fashion label, the city was yet to catch up with the sustainable development movement. But Glori Tsui was undaunted. In 2012, she started Methodology, her own fashion label inspired by cubism paintings, with a focus on giving unwanted garment a second life, and ensuring wearer-garment interaction through the brand’s transformable design.

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Through tireless campaigning and education effort, WWF-Hong Kong has proved its shark conservation programme fruitful. But that’s no reason for complacency. Tracy Tsang, Senior Programme Officer, Shark, WWF-Hong Kong, walks us through the organisation’s conservation of the creature that has been in existence since 400 million years ago, but is facing extinction at an alarming rate.

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Gone are the days when Hong Kong boasted such a remarkable marine biodiversity that would put the entire Caribbean Sea to shame. With local waters on the brink of ecosystem collapse, which could have a calamitous effect on marine biodiversity, conservationists are lobbying even harder for the urgency of their message to be heard and policies implemented. Samantha Lee, Assistant Conservation Manager, Marine, WWF-Hong Kong, speaks to us about the marine conservation effort WWF-Hong Kong has been making in recent years.


Jewel Changi Airport

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The world’s best airport is planning to get better and greener than ever! 

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Measure your home energy consumption and production with this gadget. 
St Jerome's Centre

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With soil, pillar cores, and the effort of architecture students from the UK and the locals combined, St Jerome’s Centre was created to provide a better living environment to the orphaned and abandoned children in Nakuru, Kenya.

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Experience a unique cycling tour in the New Territories. 

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Imagine having a home with a lush green rooftop.
LOHAS Expo 2015 organic natural food exhibition

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Calling all sustainability-minded shoppers, mark your calenders for these fabulous exhibitions of natural, organic and green living products!