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The Redress Forum 2015, with sponsors Redress and Ford.

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Coastal Watch ocean seminar 2

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Big Bird Race by WWF Hong Kong

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From collecting old furniture and used wood from companies and households, harnessing veteran carpenters’ invaluable expertise, to equipping youths with woodworking skills through apprenticeship and employment, Woodrite is a social enterprise dedicated to the upcycling of old furniture and used wood since 2013, driven by the belief that every piece of furniture deserves a longer lifecycle.

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She returned to Hong Kong at a time when illustration as an art form was not heard of, and when she decided to start her own upcycle fashion label, the city was yet to catch up with the sustainable development movement. But Glori Tsui was undaunted. In 2012, she started Methodology, her own fashion label inspired by cubism paintings, with a focus on giving unwanted garment a second life, and ensuring wearer-garment interaction through the brand’s transformable design.

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Through tireless campaigning and education effort, WWF-Hong Kong has proved its shark conservation programme fruitful. But that’s no reason for complacency. Tracy Tsang, Senior Programme Officer, Shark, WWF-Hong Kong, walks us through the organisation’s conservation of the creature that has been in existence since 400 million years ago, but is facing extinction at an alarming rate.

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Gone are the days when Hong Kong boasted such a remarkable marine biodiversity that would put the entire Caribbean Sea to shame. With local waters on the brink of ecosystem collapse, which could have a calamitous effect on marine biodiversity, conservationists are lobbying even harder for the urgency of their message to be heard and policies implemented. Samantha Lee, Assistant Conservation Manager, Marine, WWF-Hong Kong, speaks to us about the marine conservation effort WWF-Hong Kong has been making in recent years.

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Little known to its people, Hong Kong consumes more and pays less for water compared to other major cities in the world. Professor Kenneth Leung Mei-yee at the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, speaks to us about the landscape of water conservation in Hong Kong, and the efforts that are being made to heighten awareness and action on water conservation.

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Past chairman of Hong Kong’s first non-governmental group and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Care Asia, Ir Albert Lai sheds light on why Hong Kong is lagging behind in its decarbonisation effort, and why decarbonisation is something everyone in the world needs to work on.


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What if you could make your own nutritious and delicious smoothies without going to the store? 
Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycling path

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The lights will guide you home.
Coastal Watch ocean seminar 2

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Marine lovers, don't miss this opportunity of gaining valuable insight into Hong Kong’s marine ecology.
Big Bird Race by WWF Hong Kong

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Bird lovers or not, Big Bird Race would be a fun and engaging activity for you and your friends.

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Grow your own fresh, organic and healthy food aquaponically. 

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The EarthCheck Gold-awarded Langham Place, Mong Kok, Hong Kong is partnering up with St. James’ Settlement to do some good.