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KIOSK | December 20, 2014

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Digital Inclusion for the Blind

December 1, 2014 |

Can you imagine life today without the Internet? Read More

Zero Waste Brothing

December 1, 2014 |

If you’re dining out, head to where organic waste is upcycled back into the food system. Read More

Leader Village Taroko

November 25, 2014 |

In the upper level of Bulowan stand 36 quality wood cabins to let you retreat and embrace Mother Nature. Read More

I’m coming JIA

November 24, 2014 |

It’s that time of the year again, where families gather together and revels in the joy of the season. Read More

Everlasting Toothbrush

November 24, 2014 |

What if you don’t need to change your toothbrush for the rest of your life?  Read More

Evergreen Safari

November 19, 2014 |

The wild has nothing to do with technology? Think again. Africa not only has more to offer than you imagined, but is far more advanced in eco-hospitality comparing to other commonly sought-after destinations.

Text: Ale Tang  Image: A2A Safaris


Morukuru Ocean … Read More