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The aesthetically attractive Bella Sky Comwell in the heart of Ørestaden, Copenhagen, conquers with inimitable Scandinavian design and attitude. 

Text: TC Li Image: Claus Starup

Bella_Donna (2)If there were any underlying motto of Scandinavian design, it could be the devotion to never disappoint. That this part of the world could so effortlessly churn out impressive piece after piece of interior layouts, fixtures and architectures certainly boggles the mind, but as part of the audience, we can’t be happier just being on the receiving end of anything that screams style and originality.

Lately, the hotel world in Scandinavia has seen the largest creation yet, with 23 floors, 812 designer rooms and 30 flexible meeting and conference rooms. With access to the city centre just 10 minutes away, Bella Sky Comwell has required an iconic status in Ørestaden for its distinctive design – the hotel’s two towers are a close and shy pair learning apart from each other, with the tilt providing an open view over the flat landscape from all rooms in the towers. At the same time, the angled façades and tilting buildings are also an expression of efficient and optimised utilisation of standard hotel logistics.

_X6P8189But the hotel is not just all looks and zero in substance – the buildings are insulated from solar heat and heat loss, with the insulating effect provided from the façade’s pattern, which is formed by diagonal and vertical lines.

A great deal of effort was also devoted to creating an intimate space within the city, as evident in the plant walls featured in the lounge and restaurants, the reeds surrounding the lobby’s fireplace area, and the woodpile on the wall behind the reception.

The tilt of the towers means a panoramic view that changes from guestroom to guestroom around the building. The 812 guestrooms feature over 200 different combinations of designs, and incorporate natural materials such as smoked oak, nuances of red, purple and green, and specially designed rugs and furniture.

_X6P8189An equal amount of thoughtfulness can be observed in the eating area. For breakfast or brunch, there are the options of an open space with a living green backdrop or in the light and warmth of the fireplace. If you feel like a cuppa in the afternoon, there’s the deck, surrounded by reeds, or the restful space of the library restaurant. Follow the group of unique pendant lamps and your eyes will land on the open level, where chefs prepare meals on an open kitchen stage.

Like other hotels designed for health-conscious urbanites, Bella Sky Comwell is equipped with an aqua spa and fitness centre for pampering and work-out.

If you’re planning to visit Copenhagen in spring, make the best of the hotel’s Spring Stay offer, where you’ll get to cycle around Ørestaden and Amagerfælled on the perfect route put together by the hotel’s personnel.


Location: Center Boulevard 5, 2300 København S, Denmark

Phone: +45 3247 3000



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