Travel Responsibly with Soneva

Travel Responsibly with Soneva

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From responsible business practices at its own resorts to enabling energy efficiency in Sudan and Myanmar, Soneva Resorts is the ideal accommodation of choice for travellers who desire to travel with a conscience. 

Text: TC Li Image: Soneva Resorts

As a traveller constantly hunting for travel experiences with a difference, you would be no stranger to Soneva Kiri, boasting 35 villas nestled among palm fringed hills around a secluded bay, the outdoor Cinema Paradiso, and homemade authentic Thai cuisine to be had at the Dining Pod, high up in tree tops. And likewise, you’ll have heard of Soneva Fushi, located in the Baa Atoll, Maldives’ only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the colony of nestling turtles and vibrant reef encircling the island on which the resort is located.

Tree pod1But Soneva Resorts doesn’t just offer picturesque scenery and heavenly dining experiences – it also endeavours to help improve the lives of local communities. Through its Slow Life Trust, Soneva provides development funding towards low-carbon footprint initiatives.

The Darfur Stoves Project, for instance, provides development funding for energy-efficient stoves and water treatment systems which support 140,000 families in Darfur, Sudan. The use of these household technologies improves health by reducing indoor air pollution and supplies safe drinking water to 1,000 families. The project does more than reducing the humankind’s environmental impact, as it also addresses the pressing problem of fuel scarcity that forces women in Darfur to risk sexual assault and violence by venturing from the refugee camps way into unprotected areas to forage for firewood. Over one million households in Myanmar’s rural area have also benefited from Soneva’s Micro Programme with the Gold Standard Foundation, where the Myanmar Stoves Campaign mobilised USD10 million to distribute efficient cook-stoves to the families.

WineCellar2If you’re about to make a reservation for a stay at Soneva Resorts as we speak, know that Soneva Kiri offers Slow Life Trail tours to give you an idea of its responsible business practices such as the management of energy, water and waste. You’ll also learn about the resort’s recycling and composting programme, their waste water treatment plant and fresh water reservoir, and its herbs and vegetable garden grown to sustain biodiversity!

*Soneva Resorts belongs to a collection of exquisite hidden properties discovered by Secret Retreats, a boutique brand always in search of small and unique charming accommodations across Asia.



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